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Welcome to the official site for Xenopoly™

Xenopoly clear rubber like material
Pictured Above: Clear Xenopoly™ chunks.
As you can see, it can be backlit to create some cool effects.

Xenopoly™ is a fantastic new craft material that can be used as a flexible mold material to cast a wide variety of materials, and you can also add lots of neat additives and colors into it to produce many types of unique craft work or manufactured goods.

The uses of this new material can expand your craft and hobby or manufacturing work immensely.

Xenopoly™ is a rubber like material that can be heated on the stove to a liquid state and used to make molds, safety items, fishing lures, and just about anything else you might imagine. It is a product that requires about 275 to 300 degree heat to melt into a liquid state and should only be used by adults or young adults with adult supervision. Like any hot material, it can cause severe burns so caution should be used while working with it.

Xenopoly™ is food contact safe once cooled to it's rubber like state, and can be used to cast chocolates, ice, frozen treats, and other low temperature food items. It cannot be used in the oven to cook foods with.

To learn more about this great new product, you can visit our page at What is XENOPOLY™ and also the Gallery and the Project Ideas pages to see some of the possibilities that this great new craft material can be used for.

Another product line we have is Xenostone™ which is a cold set ceramic material. It sets up in about an hour and can be cast in Xenopoly™ molds to make all sorts of very interesting creations. You can find more info on Xenostone™ on our XENOSTONE site.


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